Cody’s (Buffalo Bill’s) autobiography have often been titled you to big embellishment away from beginning to end up

Cody’s (Buffalo Bill’s) autobiography have often been titled you to big embellishment away from beginning to end up

The fresh new homecoming sailor cheerfully accepted their girlfriend and you will child

elude (il OOD) vt. step one. to use quickness, smart, etc. to eliminate being captured; evade; dos. to leave recognition, see, or expertise • The fox doesn’t have a tendency to elude recognition by hounds. • Brand new prisoner eluded the newest shields from the covering up from the washing bin. • I recognize the lady deal with, however, this lady title eludes me personally. [-d, eluding] [Syn. escape]

Jones eagerly embraced their the latest occupation

embellishment* (em BEL ish mint) letter. 1. fancying up; dos. something adorns, as the a design, otherwise some fancifulness added to a truthful membership; an enjoy songs phrase • Forest bulbs and you can icicles are added as touches. • An excellent storyteller usually adds a few touches, in order to create their (otherwise someone else’s) role arrive more important. • William F. • A rimshot to the a good snare musical instrument accompanying a tv talk-tell you host’s strike line is a decoration. embitter (em Bit ir) vt. 1. so you’re able to rage; make frustrated or morose; 2. while making even more bitter; exascerbate; exacerbates • Forget their cynicism; he is simply an embittered dated grouch. • Move the lady locks are destined to embitter their even more. [-ed, -ing, -ment n.]

embrace (em BRAYS) vt. step one. so you can enfold in the fingers, constantly because a term out of affection otherwise attention; so you can kiss; dos. to accept conveniently; to help you avail yourself out of; step 3. when deciding to take up or adopt (specifically eagerly or seriously); cuatro. to incorporate; incorporate • • • •

Phyllis embraced Cathy’s offer to assist her which have math. Mr. The latest science regarding biology embraces zoology and you will botany. [-d, embracing] [Syn. include]

embroil (em BROYL) vt. step one. to combine anything up; bungle; jumble; dos. in order to attract toward a fight or fight; go into trouble • His waffling on the subject supported merely to embroil things. • Brand new Northern and South was in fact swept up about soft Civil Conflict. [-ed, -ing, -ment n.]

emend (ee MEND) vt. step one. and make scholarly changes or developments to help you a book; 2. (rare) to improve otherwise increase • Loren must emend the fresh new manuscript to take into account the newest newest details about the niche. • After trying to find errors, mcdougal emended what. [-ed, -ing]

emergence* (ee MOER jins) letter. 1. an are visible; future forth for the see; a developing; 2. an enthusiastic outgrowth off according to the outer covering away from a plant • The fresh new abrupt development of your beluga whale off underneath the surface trapped all whale audiences from the surprise. • The new emergence of sunrays out-of beneath the panorama are better value waking up very early to view. • They took 2-3 weeks till the emergence of the prickles into rosebush. emigrate (EM i grayt) vt. to depart that nation to settle off in another • For the potato famine, a lot of people emigrated of Ireland and found the usa. • Albert best hookup website Durham Einstein emigrated into the All of us off Germany. [-d, emigrating] [Syn. migrate; Ant. immigrate]

eminent (EM in int) adj. 1. ascending above other things otherwise cities, each other virtually and you can figuratively; high; lofty; 2. projecting; prominent; protruding; 3. updates higher in comparison with other people, such as rank otherwise conclusion; renowned; exalted; celebrated • The Matterhorn is an enthusiastic eminent height throughout the Swiss Alps. • The office out-of U.S. senator are a keen eminent status. • George Patton is a broad that have eminent profits. [-ly adv., eminence n.] [Syn. famous]

emissary (EM was ery) n. a representative off a federal government, a family, or an individual sent with the a specific objective • The latest Italian ambassador towards Us try sent due to the fact an emissary on tranquility talks. • Whilst the All of us is never ever a person in the brand new Category regarding Countries, our authorities sent an emissary here to look out for American passions. [emissaries pl.]